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We are focused on Autism, Alzheimer's, and other neurological conditions

We are focused on improving the lives of millions affected by neurological conditions such as Autism, Alzheimer's, stroke, chronic mild traumatic brain injury.  We are a small but ambitious team seeking to restore function to individuals and quality of life for them and their families around the world.


We are featured in
Autism Advocate Parenting Magazine!!

We are very excited to be sharing our work and journey so far with the community we truly strive to help - those personally affected, their family and care givers.  This magazine does an excellent job of covering all angles for Autism, and bringing visibility to real science and emerging thinking and practical advice for parents.
Check out this edition of the Magazine and read our story.  
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Interview - The Vortex Podcast!!

Mike - one of our founding partners - was interviewed by the team at the Abilities Workshop, passionate group  that lend their time and talent to helping children with neurological disorders be their best.  We share a goal to help give children the best possible chance in life, and here we are talking about our own contribution to this mission.

You can check them out : www.AbilitiesWorkshop.com/podcast

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How much O2?

Summer 2022

Working on our oxygen dose response paper - it will be a game changer...



Summer 2022

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Spring 2022

We are developing a  collaboration with BWC to focus on Autism!  More soon on this, and others!

Our Work in Autism


Microbaric® Oxygen Systems LLC (MBOS) has developed what would appear to be the first practical and effective medical intervention for autism spectrum disorder (ASD). We have called this Microbaric® Oxygen Therapy (MBO2).

Pilot studies with five preteens and teenagers have shown this therapy to be beneficial for all subjects in the trial across all symptoms presented. In some cases, these benefits enabled the children to progress from all but severely autistic to mildly autistic in approximately 18 months with no regression over 7 years of follow-up. Using our protocol, MBO2 was administered for a maximum of five one-hour treatments per week in the home by the parents, typically the mother, on a schedule that fit with the family’s day-to-day activities.

From all aspects, this approach has promise to provide the efficacious, time-efficient, and cost-effective intervention that has been sought for decades. If MBO2 is to become the standard of care for ASD around the world, however, controlled trials to current medical standards must be conducted and reviewed by the FDA, MHRA and other government regulatory authorities.

In addition, our new equipment designs that will improve user friendliness and safety must be completed and receive regulatory clearance.

We are working on all of this now - information is here to share what we are doing.  If you are a research foundation that can help with the study, or an impact investor that can help us accelerate progress then please contact us.  

Profound and Lasting Change

At MBOS we are working to improve the outcome and quality of life for those significantly affected by Autism.  It is a growing challenge with limited options for many who are heavily impacted.  Drugs and/or psychotherapy have not provided an adequate solution across the broad spectrum of symptoms - they do not address the underlying biological cause.  We have been working privately on a limited basis with great results so far- we are now trying to bring this to market and make it generally available.


Total WW Diagnoses of Autism (2018)


2018 Diagnosis rate of children aged 8 with Autism

(Source : CDC April 27,2018)


MBOS Delivered Improvement in Autism evaluation (as measured by ATEC*)

(*ATEC - See ATEC Overview)

How We Are Working
Clinical Trials To Get Regulatory Approvals

We are focused on establishing gold standard double-blind trials to demonstrate efficacy and our ethical approach.  We need research partners and funding.

Publishing Research & Clinical Findings

We have published a paper about our pilot studies which explains the history, treatment and results.  We are working on additional research papers to explore the biological basis of the therapy and more...

Delivering Frontline Therapy for Families

Our primary aim is to deliver Microbaric® Oxygen Therapy to the market and enable families to conduct treatment at home in a way that fits with family life.

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"It would take me months to make clear how this (Microbaric® Oxygen Therapy) has given me my children back.

I see so much in Subject 1, the little boy that I have been trying to save since he started showing signs of Autism around 2 years of age. Both of these boys have been on the vitamin regimen since very young because of chronic intestinal distress, speech delay (Subject 1 only), fright or flight (both boys had huge pupils). The vitamins slowly healed them. The huge pupils went away, and the tummy trouble did as well. We have been GF/CF (gluten free and casein free) for years and have been as organic as possible since 2002.

We have tried everything we could afford: Biomedical, chiropractic, accupressure, cranial sacchral therapy, hippotherapy, HBO2, speech therapy, occupational therapy, neuralign, and probably a few more that I cannot think of."

           - Mother and primary caregiver, 2 autistic brothers.